Welcome to your WORLD SPACE WEEK 2023 SPACE QUIZ

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All of the following are inner planets EXCEPT which one?

What does the moon revolve around?

Which is the 4th planet from the sun in our solar system?

This planet is known as the red planet ________

Which planet is known for its rings?

The heaviest planet of our solar system as

Circle the odd one out

_________ is the instrument to see planets

What do you call scientists who study stars & planets?

A small chunk of rock that orbits the Sun is called _____.

Which planet does not have moon?

The movement of an object around another planet is called .

Which is the last planet in our solar system?

______ is a group of stars that appears to form a pattern

Earth takes to complete its orbit which is

Who was the first person to walk on the moon

Which of the following are not the inner planets in the Solar System?

How much time the sunlight takes to reach earth’s surface?

Identify the object shown in this picture ?

Earth rotates from ______________?

Sun looks bigger, because it is __________ to earth

During which phase of the Moon, we can’t see it in the sky?

How many poles does Earth have?

The core of the earth is made up of _____ metals

What is the name of the North Star?

Comets and asteroids hit the moon at different speeds & create ________

Which is not a color of Star?

If your weight is 60kg on earth, then on moon you would weigh ___________.

Who became the first Indian to travel in space?

What is the name of our galaxy?

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